why nourish sweat sparkle?


Isn’t the fitness industry filled with enough cheesy lines and slogans?! Maybe.

But fundamentally, I believe diet culture needs to get gone. Influenced heavily by nutritionists and doctors who are speaking out against the faddy media-fuelled trends that have people yo-yoing up and down, and also by my experience of eating disorders and how I used to latch on to all the in vogue diets, I now know how to look after myself, and think more positive content needs to be shared in these areas – not this nonsense skinny tea, meal replacement shake, waist trainer BS that springs up everywhere!

Emphasis should be on taking things back to basics – balanced nutrition (nourish), adequate and enjoyable physical activity (sweat), giving you the best mental and physical health, wellbeing, and confidence you can (sparkle). So it might be cheesy, but the whole point is to get that message across.

I’ve fallen in love with training and nutrition over the last five years and social media and blogging have introduced me to a whole community who love the same things as I do, and I’m grateful for all the fab resources out there that helped me along the way! I also used to teach zumba, body combat and body conditioning freelance on the side of my main job, so I’ve had my toes dipped in this area for a while and although my career is now in law, this blog and fitness and health philosophy is more than just a hobby – it keeps me as productive and happy as possible in all areas of my life!

nourish + sweat = sparkle

easy to fit around your lifestyle and needs

Working full time in other industries while studying part time and teaching fitness and gave me (on Insta here!the same experience as other busy women who can’t make their entire lives about fitness and health. 

I wanted to share what I think is the healthiest philosophy with you all, that allows you to be as healthy and happy as you can be, without depriving yourself, fad dieting, cutting out food groups, or any of that stuff that seeped into our consciousness as young girls.

My ‘nourish, sweat, sparkle’ approach is just a balanced way of living and something that allowed me to live my life… (studying law, paralegalling, eating pizza with friends… and now trainee lawyering and having my weekend martini!) without basically camping out in a gym 24/7, but that also avoided the sluggish, poor body image problems that come with living an unhealthy lifestyle.

As a result, the workouts I pick and recommend are more accessible, and designed to be easy to fit around an already full life. 

I used to look at full time fitness professionals with flat abs and think ‘yeah, but you don’t have to sit at a desk all day like me.’ But no more! I learned that everyone is different, and can create plans to suit each person’s requirements, from busy full time mothers to working professionals who feel like they live at the office. And I understand your challenges – my full time work is not in fitness, so I’ve faced them too!

an integrated approach

My ‘legallygymliving’ philosophy – nourish, sweat, sparkle – is about looking and feeling good. It is about striving for optimum health and wellbeing, not following a fad diet. And mental health and wellbeing are JUST as important as physical health, and as far as I’m concerned, aesthetics have to come last (although I totally appreciate they’re often the reason we embark on a fitness journey!)

the formula says it all: nourish + sweat = sparkle

[the formula: nourish]

What you eat should fuel your body, give you the strength to do everything you want to do, and make you feel great. Food can make you feel healthy, strong, content, nourished, invincible.

[the formula: sweat]

If it was easy, everyone would do it. But you can improve your mind and spirit by using your body – the endorphins released by exercise are biological magic. Sculpt, transform, heal, achieve, be.

[the result: sparkle]

It might sound cheesy, but it’s true.

If it sounds a bit new age for you, think about the literal truth – the sheen of your sweat and the healthy condition of your eyes, hair and nails. Mental and emotional balance and wellbeing also seem to automatically follow the endorphin pump of exercise and the micronutrient rich buzz you get from eating all the vitamins and minerals as well as all the macronutrients (the big ones: protein, carbs and fats!) you need.

But the truth is exercise and good nutrition can transform how you feel, doing wonders for your confidence, endurance and happiness levels. If that isn’t ‘sparkly’, what is?!