My (very positive!) caesarean recovery

Photo by Anna Shvets on It's taken me a while to get to writing this because 1) I didn't want to speak too soon; and 2) newborns are all-consuming! Apologies for the dodgy writing, I'm typing one handed with a sleeping baby on my lap and have no time to edit this post so … Continue reading My (very positive!) caesarean recovery

What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on It’s funny how many millions of these posts it feels like I read in early pregnancy, so when I had to pack my hospital bag and baby’s I knew exactly what I wanted to take 🙂 Boy was surprised I packed baby's bag properly and he didn't need to … Continue reading What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

Dream Birth Company review #Gifted

*all imagery from The Dream Birth Company website // The Dream Dad Handbook* I first found The Dream Birth Company aaaages ago, listening to the Madeleine Shaw 'Get Your Glow Back' podcast where founder Clodagh was interviewed by Maddy about her amazing mindful birthing company. (This was last year, when we knew we'd be trying … Continue reading Dream Birth Company review #Gifted

Online antenatal course – The Maternity Collective

I just thought I'd pop on here and do a quick review of a course I found really useful in my prep for getting our beautiful baby born this October, however that ends up happening (!) be it vaginal delivery or out of the sun roof 🙂 This is not sponsored, nor was it gifted … Continue reading Online antenatal course – The Maternity Collective

Preparing for Labour | How to ditch the fear of giving birth | Pregnant in a pandemic

Well hello again everyone! I've been fairly quiet on here which is odd given that you'd think in lockdown I'd have had much more time to blog... but being pregnant in a global pandemic, having started a new job (my first fully qualified lawyer job) remotely and various other things have meant that blogging just … Continue reading Preparing for Labour | How to ditch the fear of giving birth | Pregnant in a pandemic