The Carnivore Diet Dangers, Anecdotal Evidence & Trolling

So those of you who orbit in the instagram fitness/nutrition universe along with me may have noted the recent controversy surrounding 'The Carnivore Diet'. Yup, that's right, a diet advocating essentially only eating meat (and possibly eggs). Now you don't need to be a genius to work out that ANY DIET advocating extremes of ONLY … Continue reading The Carnivore Diet Dangers, Anecdotal Evidence & Trolling

An apology

Something has been on my mind over the last few months, and exams and various things have meant it's taken me FOREVER to get around writing this. But over the last year or so, I've MASSIVELY re-educated myself about nutrition, about self-care, about the science of health and looking after ourselves. I'm so excited that … Continue reading An apology

ReNourish: An Honest Review

I'm so passionate about health and wellness - it's been great to blog and Instagram and connect with others who feel the same - but I'm conscious that a lot of the time, while we can share our tips and tricks, we're not qualified to give 'advice'. Rhiannon Lambert is someone I found on Insta after my … Continue reading ReNourish: An Honest Review