Why we choose to parent without punishments and rewards

I can’t think now how I came to discover parenting without punishment specifically - I think it must have been something I naturally discovered having got really into the neuroscience and psychology of child development during pregnancy, and once you know how that works there’s no going back. One tricky side effect of that research … Continue reading Why we choose to parent without punishments and rewards

A little day in the life

It’s so lovely now we’re finally getting some milder weather. Brisk, cool but not freezing, and sunshine is my favourite combination, and Cub is happier because we can go outside so much more easily. Fancied a little rough day in the life post today… so here we go. Cub woke up at 7.25, and we … Continue reading A little day in the life

My (very positive!) caesarean recovery

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com It's taken me a while to get to writing this because 1) I didn't want to speak too soon; and 2) newborns are all-consuming! Apologies for the dodgy writing, I'm typing one handed with a sleeping baby on my lap and have no time to edit this post so … Continue reading My (very positive!) caesarean recovery