Quick protein mug cake

  You will need: 1 egg 1/2 scoop natural protein powder (my preference is the Nature Valley Soya Protein Isolate one from Holland and Barrett) 1/4 tsp baking powder Drizzle of honey or pure maple syrup (just make sure it's 100% natural! None of those 'desert' syrups / golden syrups) Dash of water / almond … Continue reading Quick protein mug cake

Love that Body chocolate shake (protein powder free)

A lot of you like the idea of a healthy shake that can double as a quickie breakfast, pre or post workout snack, or something to sip on mid afternoon to keep those office biscuit cravings at bay. So many of you have been asking for recipes that fit these criteria that you can make confidently … Continue reading Love that Body chocolate shake (protein powder free)

‘Rum Truffle’ Protein Potion (natural!)

You can do this a couple of ways - plain, the way I opted for this evening - essentially a cacao protein shake, great for a post-workout smoothie or a snack to keep you going if you're gonna have to work all evening and can't make dinner. Or, you can 'FriYAY' it a little, with … Continue reading ‘Rum Truffle’ Protein Potion (natural!)

Protein magic, & clean carrot cake recipe

This tip changed my life... seriously One of the best nutrition tips I ever discovered was originally something Katrina Scott mentioned in a Tone It Up video... that you can use protein powder to replace flour! I suddenly had a 'eureka' moment. All of those foods you really want when you're eating clean that you … Continue reading Protein magic, & clean carrot cake recipe