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As I mention here, I’m a certified Health & Wellness Coach (CPD accredited), I am also a Mindfulness Life Coach Practitioner plus I am still studying a Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, which will qualify me as a Nutritional Therapist (scroll down to see what this entails), and under my certifications you can see my fitness and various other qualifications plus holistic courses.

I also completed an 8 week short course in Self Care and Ayurvedic Nutrition (more info here) for my own interest and to improve my knowledge of holistic health schools of thought.

See my coaching page for what I can work on with you in my capacity as a health, wellness, mindfulness & life coach practitioner. In terms of nutritional therapy – that part will be coming soon, so see below.

Waiting list – sign up!

I have a couple of people on the waiting list for discounted consultations (as my course is distance learning I can’t yet guarantee the date I’ll qualify, but I will keep you updated!) – if you’re interested in popping your name down, please fill out the form below!

What I will be able to do as a Nutritional Therapist

  • Educate and appraise you and your lifestyle and advise on healthy living, including the impact of your nutrition and lifestyle on your body
  • Address your general health and design a personalised nutritional plan
  • Provide you with guidelines for a balanced intake of nutrients and hydration
  • Encourage you to follow a varied diet and healthy lifestyle and discuss how best to make this work for you and your life committments
  • Check on your food intake through questions and dietary journals
  • Adjust your personalised eating plan where necessary
  • Inform you about about the benefits of proper nutrition and self-care
  • Work with you to implement strategies for new healthy habits to stick (and therefore for the results to stick too!)
  • Demonstrate health-promoting grocery shopping habits, healthy home-cooking, and food preparation practices
  • Monitor symptom and health improvements
  • Work in collaboration with a medical doctor or nutritionist who is supervising you

But please note I am not a nutritionist and therefore cannot and will not:

  • Guarantee or promise health improvements and healing through nutrition
  • Exaggerate or misinform you about the health effects of certain foods or products
  • Recommend supplements as a substitution for a varied diet
  • Recommend banned or illegal substances
  • Diagnose or attempt to diagnose medical conditions, prescribe treatment, dispense, or replace a doctor’s advice
  • Provide substitution for the care of disease through a medical provider
  • Advise a client to stop taking prescribed medicine
  • Treat an illness or injury through over the counter products, herbs, or supplements
  • Divulge confidential information about my clients to third parties

Is this the same as a nutritionist/dietician?

No![UK] Nutritionists study Nutritional Science Bachelor degrees for circa 3 years at undergraduate level as a MINIMUM. These fully qualified nutritionists/dieticians can treat underlying causes of illnesses and health conditions directly, and diagnose you, while nutritional therapists can’t.

They can help you optimise your health and life (described above) and deliver tailored nutrition plans – think of it more as health and nutrition coaching to help with your goals!
Like nutritionists, they recognise that everyone is unique and no one diet can fit all, it’s just support at a different level with less study. They may be a cheaper and more suitable option for someone who wants to be healthier, or lose body fat, or optimise their diet for example, but can’t afford a Harley Street nutritionist and potentially doesn’t need that level of qualification anyway if they’re not concerned regarding eating disorders, or dietary ‘cures’ for specific health conditions.

It’s more of a general health improvement and is NOT a replacement for medical treatment by a doctor and/or a nutritionist.