About me

Well hello there. I might already know you from Instagram, where I’ve been hanging out for aaaaaages…

So! If we haven’t met already, I’m Briony, instagramming all things health, fitness and that kind of thing over at @balance.with.bri (formerly @legallygymliving).

I’m a certified lifestyle, health and wellness coach (see my coaching pages here), writer, content creator, trainee Nutritional Therapist and former fitness instructor who used to work in marketing by day but now works in law! Bit of a mouthful 😉 I’ve always been multipassionate and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can read the officially-sounding stuff about my certifications and journey into teaching fitness here, but in short I started my journey into fitness because I wasn’t happy.

I’d tried every diet under the sun and been disordered about my eating as a teen (I’m an ex-bulimic, and also recovered from body dysmorphia), so finally finding BALANCE, HEALTH and ENJOYING MYSELF has been amazing, and sharing the journey with so many incredible people is one of my favourite things. While I’m super passionate about fitness and nutrition and have taught classes (see below) I am NOT a qualified nutritionist or PT, so while I can share my journey, tips and tricks, PLEASE consult registered health professionals and be SAFE. I’m just a girl on her laptop sharing stuff, the same as so many of you!

I got into teaching fitness classes and coaching because I love it (see my certifications). I did it on the side of my main job, where I worked in marketing, got bored, and started converting to law. I juggled fitness, fulltime work and part-time law-school, and now I’m a lawyer in London… so nope, I’m not a full time fitness girl. It has to fit around my lifestyle, just like it does for you. Legally Gym Living gave the me the philosophy of Nourish Sweat Sparkle and so fitness is very close to my heart, and something I do entirely because I love it and it enhances ALL areas of my life (I swear a leg day workout was the reason I felt confident for my training contract interview!)

I TOTALLY understand how hard it is to find time, and so workouts and things I recommend and enjoy are always designed to be easy to fit around an already full life. I used to look at full time fitness professionals with flat abs and think ‘yeah, but you don’t have to sit at a desk all day like me.’ But no more! Have a browse of this site to find out how to make your change.

I don’t really teach Zumba / combat / conditioning classes anymore as I prefer to focus on my own fitness, but I love blogging just because I’ve always loved to write, and I get to keep myself accountable while documenting my fitness journey… and I’ve met such lovely like-minded people in the fitness community on Instagram that it’s really nice to play and be part of the circle. I’m not a full time career fitness professional and my blog and IG are just for fun, so I only ever post about things I really love. 

I also write a lot on here about the relationship between fitness, nutrition and mental health as a long-time depression sufferer. I find lifestyle medicine (including eating well, working out and meditation!) to be crucial components of managing mind and mood as well as the body.

Check out the ‘work with me’ page to find out more about how we can buddy up.

B xox