A collection of (free) online workouts to get you started…

I’m working on developing this section out and giving you some fuller fitness resources and possibly a full free guide, so check back later for those. In the meantime, there’s loads here to get going with…

First of all – a couple of legallygymliving workouts you can do any time, anywhere, which are short, sweet and a bit of fun to get your started! My favourite is the 2nd one – Temple Training. Let me know in the comments which are your favourites or anything you’d like more of.

Full List: HIIT Me Britney One More Time, [Your body is a] Temple Training, Elle Woods Workout, Full Body Valentines’ Day Workout.

1-3 rounds should do the trick!

HIIT Me Britney One More Time

60 secs as hard as you can – go for it!! 60 secs low intensity skipping. 

1-2 rounds.


[Your body is a…!] Temple Training

Go hard or go home! 3-5 rounds of this, resting only 30-45 secs between rounds. 

This was inspired by Angkor Wat, my fave place in the world, and Tomb Raider, my fave geeky thing in the world haha! Plus my sister is travelling there at the moment so… it seemed the perfect time to create this circuit!


Elle Woods Workout

A full body-blast for any lawyers or law students out there. 


Full Body Valentines’ Day Workout

Love The Big V Day or hate it, it’s always a good time to show your body some love and get a sweat on. Add weights to the hip thrusts/glute bridges for extra booty burn, and ankle weights to the whole routine if you dare!



If you don’t have a gym membership and want to work out at home, from toning to HIIT to general cardio!

Tone It Up

Fitness Blender


The Body Coach TV

Lilly Sabri

If you do have a gym membership and are ready to LIFT!

GraceFitUK  (she has a guide – GF8WG you can buy)

Zanna Van Dijk (Zanna just released The Sculpt Guide)

Lauren Tickner (creator of The Strength Feed Guide)