Fitness & Health

(in progress) Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma – see below!

Attained: ETM Level 2 Group Exercise to Music

Attained: Health and Wellness Coaching Certification (CPD accredited) 

Attained: Mindfulness and Life Coach Certification Practitioner (accredited)

Attained: Zumba Basic Certification*

Attained: Les Mills Body Combat Certification*

Attained: Sacred Self Care and Ayurvedic Nutrition 8 week short course

*I no longer pay to keep these licenses current as I don’t teach group classes anymore.

Brand, writing & marketing

Web Writing (2014 with Web Credible)

Google Squared Digital Marketing Diploma (2014)

& for my day job…!

So while I’m lawyer by day, I originally studied  a BA (honours) English Literature at Durham University (first class). I worked in marketing for a few years before going back to law school for my Graduate Diploma in Law, then my Legal Practice Course and Masters in Commercial Legal Practice (distinctions).

In progress

As of June 2018, I’m studying a  Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma (Level 5, CPD accredited, approved by IICT and underwriters for membership and insurance)


Given that I love nutrition, I talk about it a lot and insta and blog constantly on the topic etc, I just wanted to! It’s something I feel passionate about, it’s an investment in my health and that of my loved ones, and I want to expand my knowledge outside of the law (yup, I’m still a trainee lawyer day to day!) plus I find the science and biology fascinating – I’m currently learning about DNA and genetic adaptations to nutrition and its amazing!

Will you become a nutritionist once you’ve completed it?

NO! To clarify: this will NOT make me a nutritionist! It will make me a Nutritional Therapist. For more on the difference, see my clinic.

 My wellness certification story…

My Nourish, Sweat, Sparkle journey began with becoming an ETM Level 2 qualified Group Exercise instructor. I’d gotten addicted to Body Combat classes and my instructors spotted my passion, mentored me and suggested I study to teach classes.

This ETM training set me up with anatomy & physiology, exercise to music – aerobics, conditioning, resistance, nutrition and allowed me to start teaching aerobics, body conditioning, designing my own circuits, etc.

But I wanted to go a bit further… As a life long dabbler and former brown belt in Washinkai Karate and silver medallist in Kata at the BTKA National Championships, I loved the martial arts inspired programmes gyms offered that didn’t involve actual fighting, so I took to Les Mills Body Combat really quickly for it’s fusion of high intensity training with various martial arts styles (and learning the routines reminded me of my old jazz and ballet classes, as well as kata!)

Quickly, still mentored mentored by fantastic instructors of fistandfeather.com fame Chris (RIP) and Sherry, I qualified to teach that programme too (it’s a trademarked Les Mills programme; I am no longer paid up subscriber so I no longer teach it, but it comprises martial-arts inspired high intensity cardio training, and a nutrition element is included)

I’d always been a fan of dance growing up, and was hugely inspired by a dance and zumba teacher friend of mine, Georgie Lou, to try teaching zumba as well. I became Zumba Basic certified [trademarked zumba class instruction] and taught at a fitness centre for a while in addition to classes at my office when I worked in marketing!

I covered a range of body conditioning, Les Mills Body Combat and aerobics classes at gyms including David Lloyd and LA Fitness for a couple of years, but stopped teaching to spend more time developing my own fitness regime, exploring hot yoga, Tone It Up and Bikini Body Guides. ran a 10k and a half marathon; I read and read and read about nutrition.

I started documenting my journey on Instagram as legallygymliving – although it went through various old names like @xoxofitgossipgirl and @briellesweatsparkle – cringe! – and got inspired by people who lived BALANCED, HEALTHY lifestyles that weren’t about extreme diets, over-exercising or unrealistic expectations.

Nourish, Sweat, Sparkle as my kind of cheesy but go-to philosophy was then officially born.

Having witnessed first hand the power of fitness to transform both mind and body, and build mental strength as well as muscle, I am passionate about sharing this with people and helping everyone make small changes to make them look, but most importantly feel, good – without literally spending their lives obsessing about fitness and food, or living in the gym. It’s meant to fit around YOUR life. I did all of these certifications while working full time in marketing and studying law school at night, and now I’m a trainee lawyer studying a professional nutritional therapist certification over weekends… what can I say, I love education 🙂 I also just completed a course in Ayurvedic nutrition to get a holistic view, which was so interesting! And so it continues…

B xoxox 

Join me on my journey on instagram @legallygymliving, and start yours too!