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Good health and wellbeing keep you strong physically, and go a long way to boosting not just your mood or sense of happiness, but your productivity. They place you in the best possible position to tackle other areas of your life with the energy you need.

That’s why I maintain health and fitness are critical to my ability to perform well. Whether during my 4 years in marketing, my time paralegalling and evening law-school, time as a trainee lawyer, in house Legal Counsel and now mum, I genuinely 100% believe that fitness, nutrition & health not only keep me sane but make me work better and harder.

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1. My ‘Inspire Interview Series’

2. Law/finance resources

3. General career resources

NOTE: None of these resources will be bullsh*t positive ‘law of attraction and manifesting’ stuff, that drives me insane. Unless your definition of manifesting is deciding something and then just hustling and going for it, but in my dictionary that’s not the bloody magic of the universe, that’s just common sense cause and effect.

My ‘Inspire Interview’ Series

#1: Interview with Kris Pace, Brand Director of KOBOX, formerly of Men’s Health

#2: Interview with Venetia Falconer, TV presenter, blogger & influencer

#3: Interview with Leyla Cooper, Founder & CEO of Pretty Athletic & former lawyer

#4: Interview with Flora Beverley, Science Media PR for Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (+ blogger & fitness influencer!)

#5: Interview with Mel Wells, Author, Actress, Speaker (+ Health & Food Psychology Coach)

#6: Interview with Alice-May Purkiss, Freelance Writer & CoppaFeel Trustee (+ social media freelancer, memoirist & self-published author who kicked cancer’s ass in her 20s!)

#7: Interview with Michelle Keill, Novelist

#8: Interview with Rebecca King, Lawyer (Associate at one of the Biggest American Law Firms in London!)

Law / finance resources – the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (US organisation) – Association of Women Solicitors – a tongue in cheek view on lawfirms, with some useful comparison stats and all of the latest gossip from the City. Take with a pinch of salt and consult some more reliable resources though. – as with rollonfriday really. Basically see above!

The Financial Times – whenever I get asked about commercial awareness tips, I feel a bit like… if you’re interested in it, you’ll be doing it anyway, you know? But to be fair we can all improve – there’s always tonnes to learn and all the jargon can get confusing! pexels-photo-373912.jpegBut basically in the run up to applying for training contracts, because I was really interested in business generally, I’d just scour the FT on a daily basis. Other options include City AM, or BBC business news if you’re younger and need something more accessible.

The Economist

The Money Machine by Philip Coggan – a great intro to the financial world if you’re at school/college/uni/ looking to learn how the city works and get some basics down!

Finimize – bitesize corporate, commercial and financial news and analysis straight to your inbox daily, which can be read in under 10 minutes!

A ‘golden ticket’ to training contract glory, or losing its shine? Legal Cheek explores the Oxbridge law degree – an interesting article. I got pooled and rejected from Cambridge (Trinity Hall for English) and ended up doing English Lit at Durham which I loved, so don’t stress too much and remember that Oxbridge isn’t essential if you want to be a lawyer, and neither is a law degree! That said, they do give an amazing education, teach in a very specific way and if it’s something that appeals, without a doubt GO FOR IT. For a fitness girl’s guide to getting in to Oxford after being rejected (think she got in on her second application?) and insights into life studying there, Grace Beverley a.k.a. GracefitUK has made some youtube videos you can watch.

General career resources

Financial Times Careers Section

45 pieces of career advice that will get you to the top, via

7 TED Talks that will lift you out of your work rut, via

4 reasons you should appreciate being at the bottom of the ladder, via

ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia on how she built a fitness empire ( Article)

How Anna Wintour made her career ( Article)

13 successful women share their morning routines ( Article)

Tina Brown tips & career advice (Tina Brown on Networking, ‘Sleep Orgies’ & Why she loves Ziplock Bags, via

Tina Brown talks Sexism, Power & Women’s Careers, via

Eva Chen on how she got her job at Instagram ( Article)

Women in Tech: Advice & Guides, via

Breaking stereotypes: Women in STEM, via

How Black Women have been Leaning In Forever (a Michel Martin Interview, via

Jesmyn Ward advice for Aspiring Authors, via

The best podcasts to boost your career, via

How to overcome self-doubt as a girlboss, via

22 pieces of career advice every girl needs to hear, via

Google DigitalGarage – get new skills for a digital world, Google resource to learn new digital skills in today’s fast-moving, tech savvy, highly digitised work landscape!

How to get out of a career slump, via

17 pieces of advice I wish I’d known at the beginning of my career, via

8 simple things people who build magnetizing personal brands do differently,

How Theresia Gouw becoame America’s richest female Venture Capitalist,

America’s richest self-made women,

Arianna Huffingdon’s four simple tips for success, via CNBC

How to eliminate procrastination, via

6 signs you’ve outgrown your job and need a new one, via

10 powerful career strategies for women,

Careerpreneurs: Lessons from leading women on building a career without boundaries, by Dorothy Moore

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Make the most of your career,

Bounce by Matthew Syed – it’s not technically a career book, it’s about the myth of talent and the power of practice, and uses sports and science to illustrate that where we think people are naturally gifted, it’s actually scientifically explainable – they practice! It posits an approximate 10,000 hour rule for getting really good at stuff, but I read it during my final year of uni and it made me realise that while I wasn’t the most wildly original English Literature student, what I could control was how much I studied and read. So I’d get to the library for 7am, leave at 9pm, sleep and repeat in the months leading up to finals (English Lit is notoriously easy to pass but notoriously difficult to get a first class degree in) – but I did. And it was all because this book made me realise it was down to hours and effort put in (and my hard work to action it, obvs!) And so I am actually really proud of my First class BA (hons) from Durham University because I didn’t get it from any particular flair – I just worked my a** off!

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

A Good Time to be a Girl by Helena Morrissey

Money Talks Podcast

Girlboss Radio Podcast

Women Mean Business – The Telegraph

Mindset by Carol Dweck – on the ‘fixed’ vs. ‘growth’ mindset – its basically sociological research and how you can recondition yourself to improve performance through adopting growth mindset behaviours, rather than those who feel ability is fixed, and therefore essentially never improve.

9 TED Talks every millenial should watch (must-see for young professionals!) via

How to stay motivated & fit in workouts in an office job

How to be Confident by Rosie Londoner

National Careers Service

Stylist Magazine Careers (general)

‘Five steps you can take to fix your company’s pay gap’ by Anne Francke, Chief Exec of the Chartered Management Institute, The Telegraph