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Welcome to #BookMeUp!

Before I ever had any other hobbies I was obsessed with reading – I would correct my parents who would deliberately misread me bed-time stories age 3!

Books have featured as a staple throughout my entire life, before eating disorders, during, and after… and it’s something we can and should enjoy and treasure as the power of books goes far beyond the superficial world of abs or faddy ‘clean eating’ trends.

As much as health and fitness play an important part in my mental and physical health, I think it’s important that we cultivate curiosity in the wider world around us. A big part of that for me was studying English Literature at Durham, but you don’t need any formal study to explore the world through reading – just a curious mind, a book and maybe a big mug of tea.

As this site also includes lifestyle content, I wanted to be able to share books together, so while it’s not a formal or traditional bookclub, I’ve made this BookMeUp! section to share the books we’re reading, loving and recommending, explore new issues and work out our brains not just our abs.

It’s a mix of high and low brow books – I’ve finally overcome my literary snobbery and enjoy some cheeky chick lit as much as I enjoy Shakespeare (well, almost as much!) now, so there will be a real mix – no judgement here 🙂

Book Me Up #1

‘Americanah’ by Chimamanada Ngozi Adiche

Book Me Up #2

‘Heart Berries’ by Terese Mailhot

Book Me Up #3

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ & ‘Mom & Me & Mom’ by Maya Angelou

Book Me Up #4

‘The Burning Chambers’ & The Languedoc Series by Kate Mosse

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