Self Care & Ayurvedic Nutrition Course

My ‘Sacred Self Care and Ayurvedic Nutrition’ Certificate

I did this for personal interest in the culture and ideas behind this, but I feel like I should clarify here that much of ayurveda is pseudoscientific (i.e. purports to be fact but hasn’t been tried, tested and verified using the scientific method) and lacking in evidence. I like it for self care practices, but any nutritional advice I give is firmly coming from what I know from scientific studies and via my Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma which is entirely evidence-based.

I discuss here how I discovered ayurveda and how it helps my mental wellbeing. I look at it as a holistic philosophy of wellness, with some really magical and mythical metaphorical concepts the arts student in me can really relate to! For emotional and psychological balancing, I think it’s fascinating.

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