Art, chaos + some phonics & number videos

Well hey! It’s been a manic week with the book launch (details here!) and I’m so happy so many of you have said such lovely things about Megara’s Magic School: Bedtime Spell for Dragon Realms.

Incase you missed it, there’s an interview with the wonderful illustrator Kateryna Diachenko based on Kyiv, Ukraine here on art, illustration and making magic amidst the chaos of the world.

In other less exciting news, Cub and James got colds and recovered, and I got sick of Dancing Fruits being the go-to video for Cub’s car trips or teeth cleaning so I made some slightly more educational vids to reinforce her letter sounds (which she already knows!) and some numbers too.

Early years educational videos on my channel here:

Phonicat – A-Z letter sounds with CATS 😹

Phonicat – A-Z letter sounds Magic Toy Remix

Counting 1-5 (Phonicat x Numeromouse)

Counting 6-10 (Phonicat x Numeromouse

Anyway, just a short hello and check in from me. Have a great weekend!

B x

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