My new children’s book, Megara’s Magic School – out now!

Today’s the day! My children’s book is out (and available here!) It’s been so much fun getting here and I’m so excited you can all now get your hands on what started as a little story tapped into notes on my phone, in the dark, next to my sleeping little girl.

Watch the trailer above!

Megara’s Magic School: Bedtime Spell for Dragon Realms is first and foremost a magical bedtime story, celebrating imagination… but it’s also all the magical moments I have cuddling my daughter with a bedtime story, or making our sleepytime tea together. It’s an adventure. It’s gentle laying-foundations-for-good-sleep nudging you towards good rituals and routines with your little ones. It’s an interactive experience for little ones to make bedtime something to look forward to. It’s a bedtime story with a difference, plus dragons.

It’s perfect for parents and their 0-6 year olds (but even beyond!) to make some magic, whip up a potion, ride a dragon and get a good night’s sleep ✨

Plus it comes with access to a FREE toddler and child sleep guide (originally planned as a guide to transforming bedtime battles but now a comprehensive deep dive into improving toddler and child sleep – psychology, nutrition, tips and tricks, you name it!) and LOADS of FREE bonus content, activities, colouring pages, interviews, facts, recipes and a magical playlist for older readers.

Megara’s Magic School: Bedtime Spell for Dragon Realms is available on Amazon.

PS. Incase you were wondering…

What can you find in the free toddler and child sleep guide (access included with the book)?

The guide dives deep into toddler and child sleep, in particular:

⁃ Nutrition (what to add in, why to take away plus the impact of 11 specific different micronutrient deficiencies on sleep)

⁃ Movement, lifestyle and screen time best practices (with pragmatic tips recognising that we can’t always be perfect, but still need to support sleep improvements!

⁃ The psychology of toddler and child sleep – the main drivers of challenges and tricks to overcome these, key connection tips and strategies and how to handle tantrums and co-regulation to set yourself up for success

⁃ Practical tools to make their sleep spaces feel positive

⁃ Clear, actionable techniques for transforming bedtime battles

⁃ Routine and consistency advice

⁃ Creating a sense of autonomy and independence

⁃ X2 sleepy playlists for little ones

⁃ X1 white noise compilation playlist

⁃ X1 pink noise compilation playlist

⁃ X1 relax / flow playlist for parents sanity

⁃ X1 cheesy cheer up tunes playlist for parents

⁃ PLUS Signposting links to other free resources on specific topics including 1-0 nap drop, red flags for sleep, overtiredness, regressions, floor beds, frequent waking, when to move from cot to toddler bed etc

Find the password and web address for the guide inside your copy of Megara’s Magic School: Bedtime Spell for Dragon Realms today!

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