Little hello, nearly 21m! Rhythm changes, life updates…

Not long after sharing our weekly rhythm with Cub at 16m, I scrapped it because Cub and I just can’t seem to get into making it to things on schedule even if they are outdoor activities!

So we tend to just stick to our walks, morning and afternoon (in the heatwave this reduced sadly!), and then a tonne of free play and reading together which she loves. We did go to Rhyme Time and things at the local library but with illness and holiday disrupting the routine I kind of lost the habit and to be honest she doesn’t love other kids at the moment so I’d rather just let her run free in the woods and us both have a good time than have to handle awkward situations!

She’s also obsessed with her letter sounds and has learned 21 out of 26 which has just blown my mind given she’s not even 21 months old yet.

Anyway, just a tiny hi from me and update as things have been manic, with me freelancing and working in Cubs naps which we’re having to make ever shorter to get her to bed in the evenings.

My children’s book is also launching in August which is exciting. The Infant Sleep Clinic (@infantsleepclinic on Instagram or is fully booked, and my freelance social media management increasingly becomes a beast of its own, taking more and more time so the juggle is real.

I’m also loving getting to be part of Eloise Rickman’s A Beautiful Education course which is brilliant (also since I finished my certification in Understanding Mental Health in the Early Years I obviously had to cram in another course, because you know… I’m not stretched enough 😂)

Oh and I have a massive writing project on that is incredibly exciting, can’t say anything yet but it’s huuuge, with a (too ambitious!) self imposed deadline so that’s why this blog is probably a bit dead in the water for a while.

Hope everyone’s well, all the love!

B x

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