A little day in the life

It’s so lovely now we’re finally getting some milder weather. Brisk, cool but not freezing, and sunshine is my favourite combination, and Cub is happier because we can go outside so much more easily.

Fancied a little rough day in the life post today… so here we go.

Cub woke up at 7.25, and we play with her in bed for a bit. Then we play in the living room until she’s willing to have a nappy change and get dressed.

I popped down her first snack plate (anyone who follows me on Instagram will know she’s a grazer and doesn’t do meals, and also hates restriction so refuses high chairs so I put down 4-5 snack plates a day on her child size table so she can get food whenever she wants, and offer her some of my food every time o have a meal).

At 8.30 her dad had to leave for work so we said goodbye, and I took her for an hour’s buggy run in the sunshine – it’s so nice to be able to run with her now she accepts the pram! We went via the ducks she loves so much both ways and dropped some clothes at the charity shop while we were out.

We then came home, read lots of stories for an hour, I had to pop to the loo and Cub noticed my sanitary towel so I found myself explaining about periods to a 16 month old (super important I think that they grow up understanding periods, and sex for that matter though we haven’t had that chat quite yet! I just explained mummy is bleeding from her vagina and it happens each month to help my womb clear out the old lining ready for a new one. Obviously the comprehension of this isn’t fully there at this age, but just like teaching anatomically accurate names for body parts eg vagina, vulva is important, so is being honest about how our bodies work!)

Then we had a snack and drink together before heading off for « Forest School » / « Montessori Wellbeing » and Cub had a lovely time exploring. It was more of a fun outdoor garden with some wildlife and mud and sand and messy play than the full on nature forest school I guess you might imagine – but it was great for Cub to explore outside, her favourite thing, and she watched a little Montessori activity (half the garden was mud and natural bits and pieces and the other half where we did the activity was Astro turf)- making fires in scallop shells. She also loved watering various things with a watering can including putting out the mini fires 🔥

It annoyed me a little that Montessori is « follow the child » which I love, but here’s a little thing that happened where it seemed like this wasn’t applied. When Cub saw the gate close and thought it was me that left (obviously it wasn’t!) she got upset. I quickly picked her up to comfort her but she started staying « home » and went to get me my coat from the corner and started waving bye to everyone. So I was ready to take her home, but the organiser was like « oh but there’s still 25 minutes left of the session! » I was like yes, but she wants to go home. I regret trying to distract her and play a bit more there but when she asked to go home again we left. Anyway, for me follow the child is in all respects and it’s really important I let her know she’s trusted and her wishes and needs matter and are listened to.

We got home, Cub nibbled a bit from her snack plate and then we did a couple of stories before nap time. She was asleep by 12.40.

She’s sleeping on me as I type and the plan for the afternoon is some yummy broccoli and spinach soup, and then we’ll probably go for a walk, maybe stop at the park, or just somewhere outdoors where she can run and scrabble in the mud since the weather is so nice and she loves it so much.

Then it’ll be back home for more stories and indoor playing, I’ll rotate her snack plate with some new options for the third or fourth time today, make some dinner and then when her dad gets home we all get to play for a couple of hours before we need to get her ready for bed. Bedtime for us is generally 5.5 hours after she wakes up from her nap.

Anyway, happy Wednesday. I have some @infantsleepclinic work to do today while she’s sleeping on me, and then I’d like to get through some more of my lovely courses I’m taking with Eloise Rickman, « Beautiful Parenting » (such a fab course centred on children’s rights) and « Parenting from Joy » which is a workshop that’s a really nice way to find the magic in the chaos of motherhood/parenthood. ❤️ I’m sure we’ll talk more about Eloise Rickman soon as I’m a huge fan of a lot of her writing on child rights, parenting without punishment, education, and lots more.

Anyway, have a lovely week and as always come and play on Insta which is where we hang out most!

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