Our weekly rhythm ~ 16 months old

Up until now…

I’ve never been a big attender of baby classes, not just because of lockdown and not just because I’m an introvert who prefers my own company – I don’t really believe they’re necessary and Cub benefitted from and enjoyed free movement and play and just being read to endlessly at home with me and it worked well and was more relaxing for both of us. I didn’t want her in containers like prams or anything as much as possible so she could move freely whether it was rolling or lifting her head so it was also great to just live together on the floor at home! Also – she’s never been an on the go napper 😅 So we just did our Friday French music class. Stopped baby ballet after a couple as her naps changed. And that’s pretty much it.

Demanding Tiny Queen wants more action…!

She’s always been very active and dynamic and when she hit 16 months old she started asking to go outside or out for walks CONSTANTLY despite the fact we always did 2 a day anyway. So I’ve had to shake things up! She has only taken one nap a day too since 11 months old so there’s a lot of day to fill…!

The new rhythm

So now, we loosely follow –

• 2 walks a day, sometimes 3

• Movement, music, books & language at home *at home she just free plays with me, we read lots of books, we play instruments and do French as much as possible. She also likes to help with loading the washing machine / tumble dryer and putting capsules in the coffee machine for me! She’s obsessed with books though and that probably takes up 80% of our time!*

• Monday – one of the walks I’ll get her out of the carrier or buggy and just let her lead, run around, play in the mud, grab sticks and leaves, whatever… it’s a really nice way to start the week and spend a morning.

• Tuesday – music class, Montessori French class

• Wednesday – I’m going to start taking her swimming again (just us, not to a class)

• Thursday – Forest School / Montessori well-being class

• Friday – French music class

• Weekends – a mix of walks & the park mostly!

But ultimately it’s all pretty fluid.

What are your weekly rhythms/routines like around this age? 💛

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