What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

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It’s funny how many millions of these posts it feels like I read in early pregnancy, so when I had to pack my hospital bag and baby’s I knew exactly what I wanted to take 🙂 Boy was surprised I packed baby’s bag properly and he didn’t need to re-do it haha (I’m a terrible packer and he’s super neat!) And he packed mine (top tip I’ve got from so many people that we’ve used and we love – get your partner to pack yours because they need to know where to find the stuff when you’re in labour!)

As I mentioned in this post – What’s in My Hospital Bag – lots of peoples’ ideas differ on what you should or will want to take, and there are tonnes of YouTube videos and blogs you can use for inspo, and my top tip is to take the advice of someone you relate to / feel is more similar. For example I’m not a “crunchy mom” / earth mama type so those aren’t my thing but if you are, those might be your go to!

Again, as with my hospital bag, I used the checklist in the book Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better by Siobhan Miller from The Positive Birth Company as a base, and then we tweaked based on some useful videos we watched/tips we got etc.

Baby’s bag

For baby’s hospital bag we’re using one of our changing bags – this one from Bababing, available from JoJo Maman Bebe, which comes with a handy changing mat and bottle cooler, both of which we’ll take to hospital for easy changing on the bed if needed and for taking in my colostrum syringes.

Image from JoJo Maman Bebe website – shop the bag here

What we’ve packed for baby

  • The Practical Stuff:
  • Nappies (allow for x10 a day) in newborn size – we have Mamia and Pampers Pure to try based on recommendations, reviews, and we want to see what works best for little one and for us!
  • Cotton wool large pads (to use with water when changing her – nothing else is meant to go on newborn skin!)
  • Aqua wipes (because while nothing else is meant to go on newborn skin, the first meconium can apparently be impossible to get off and these are 99.6% water!)
  • Cellular blanket
  • Muslins
  • x2 bibs
  • Car seat (ours is part of the Oyster 3 pram set which we bought in berry, by Babystyle which we LOVE)
  • The Clothes:
  • x4 sleep suits – 2 newborn size, 2 bigger
  • x3 short sleeved vests – newborn and bigger size
  • x2 long sleeved vests – newborn and bigger size
  • White wool jumper her grandma knitted her!
  • Booties, mittens & a hat her grandma knitted her
  • A winter coat (in case its really cold when we’re bringing her home)
  • The Contingency Stuff:
  • Colostrum syringes (I’ve been harvesting in advance to have a back up supply just in case of a c-section and / or issues with latch etc). We’re keeping these in the freezer for now, and will transport them in the bottle cooler that comes with our changing bag to store in the hospital fridge.
  • Aptamil ready-mixed formula – pack of 6 sterile ready to drink bottles (this seems to cause a lot of controversy but I did not want the stress of a hungry, stressed out baby in the event of latch issues, or a c-sec and delay in being able to feed well, or if we ran out of my back-up colostrum, or if I needed to be in theatre for a while for stitches/transfusions and couldn’t feed her… not that I need to justify our decisions, but formula and breast feeding talks get heated so this was our thinking – we want my husband to be able to feed her if needed if for any reason I can’t. We’re both planners and this made the most sense for us. If this isn’t what you’d do, that’s fine, but we’ve done our research and made our decision so please don’t message me not to do this!)

We’re travelling light with baby in my head, but apparently you always overpack…! So we’ll see. Either way, we live 10 minutes drive (ish) from the hospital and so it will be easy enough for my husband to get us stuff from home if we need it, given restrictions due to Covid at the moment seem to prevent partners from staying with you the whole time.

What else did you pack in your baby’s hospital bag? Anything you feel like we’re missing?

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B xoxo

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