What’s in my hospital bag

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I found all of the youtube videos and blogs on this topic so interesting just to be nosey about how everyone approaches packing their hospital bag (!) and super useful in working out what to take in mine, so I thought I’d do a similar post.

I used the checklist in the book Practical ways to make your birth better by Siobhan Miller from the Positive Birth Company

as the base of what I was taking, and then I supplemented based on videos I watched where I felt like I identified with the people filming (as some people, for example, pack a tonne of fairy lights, battery operated tea lights to transform the hospital… that wasn’t really for us, so pick people who you feel match your temperament best!)

Videos I liked and found most helpful were by Fleur de Force and Lily Pebbles, but there must’ve been a million that I watched for inspiration – just search on youtube!

Note: this is what’s in MY hospital bag; we also have a separate bag for baby’s things, and one for my husband which includes all my snacks/drinks etc for labour 🙂

PS. Top tip – don’t pack it yourself! Get your partner to do it, as they’ll be the one needing to root around to find you stuff in it when it’s all kicking off…! Plus if you’re lucky like me, there’s the added bonus that they’re actually a neater packer…! 😉

PPS. If you’re home birthing, it’s still worth maybe considering all the things you’ll want accessible for your birth and immediately afterwards so you and your partner don’t have to stress about locating stuff while you’re mid contraction… just a thought ❤

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

What’s in my hospital bag

  • Maternity notes
  • Extra copies of our birth preferences (we based ours on the PBC template and planned for all scenarios)
  • Iphone, charger, headphones (to be packed on the day!)
  • Bikini top & sports bra (options to wear if we do get a pool, if I want to wear some kind of clothing – I probably won’t care!)
  • Flip flops (incase I do take a shower in the hospital and don’t want to walk on gross floors!)
  • Lightweight dressing gown (one I got from a spa to relax me, and not too fluffy as apparently hospitals are hot AF…! But also one I don’t mind leaving behind me, because you know… hospitals, gross, hygiene, COVID etc…)
  • V. v. loose short dress (instead of a nightie – loose enough that it’s easy for breastfeeding, comfortable for labour if I’m not in the pool, and if I did have an unplanned c-section it wouldn’t irritate a scar)
  • x2 flannels (for cold compress during labour and/or washing my face later!)
  • Lip balm (gas & air dries your lips a lot apparently)
  • Hairbands, hairbrush, hair clip (gotta keep the mane off the face!)
  • Pillow (?) In non-covid times I’d take a comfy feather one, but I might just take one of our less nice spare room pillows and chuck it, but that seems pointless as the purpose of this is more for comfort/familiarity/relaxation, so I may not bother…
  • TENS machine (likely to come out at home in early labour first, but it’s ready to go! We have the Babycare ELLE TENS machine)
  • Water wipes (these didn’t fit in baby’s bag… in baby’s bag we have cotton wool as you’re only meant to use cotton wool and water on newborn skin but apparently the first meconium can be super tough to get off, so you can sort of cheat with 99.6% water wipes… we got these Aqua Wipes)
  • x2 nursing bras (I bought this nursing bra 3 pack from amazon in these exact colours and they’re super comfy, and really cheap).
  • Breast pads (the bamboo washable ones from Boots – I think they’re these Boots maternity pad ones but I’m not sure as Boy bought them for me – TMI but my colostrum started leaking from week 19/20 in pregnancy so we bought them early)
  • Nipple cream (this Lanisoh lanolin one seems to be the most universally recommended!)
  • x2 packs maternity pads (these Lilets ones)
  • Big knickers (high enough to go over an emergency c-section scar just in case! I can’t remember which ones I got but I got navy as they were out of black and it was a pack of 6 or 7 from Amazon)
  • Disposable maternity knickers (yep, adult nappies ready for all the blood. JOY. Again, I found these on Amazon)
  • Dark towel (dark is best because you will bleed!)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, cleanser etc)
  • Mini makeup bag (with my MAC concealer, some lipsticks, mascara… nothing scented so that baby can smell me not my makeup though. Fleur took a makeup bag in and I just agree that it’s a fab idea as you don’t know how long you’ll be in hospital, I don’t know how much of it will be without Boy due to COVID restrictions, so if baby is sleeping and I’m alone, I might want to actually sort my face out and feel some semblance of normal human being. I also might not give AF (probably gonna happen!) and ignore it, but its nice to have just in case!)
  • Going home clothes (I picked a long black dress from ASOS that isn’t maternity but I’ve worn all pregnancy as it’s so comfy and makes me feel less like a whale! But the key is its loose fitting and won’t irritate me, even if I have an unplanned caesarean or something!) I’ll also have the maternity leggings, top and jumper I’m going to wear into hospital incase I’d prefer those!)
  • Essential oils – lavender, frankincense, bergamot and clary sage (for my compress/relaxation during labour – I find lavender and clary sage super relaxing – just don’t go sniffing clary sage before you’re 37 weeks! Bergamot I find really relaxing too (I love earl grey tea and it’s the same scent!) And apparently frankincense is a good one to help with breathing when you’re in transition and completely freaking before the pushing phase…!)
  • Liquid yoga room spray by Mama Mio – this smells divine and the peppermint notes are really refreshing. I saw so many mums and Lucy Flow Yoga recommend this, and just had to have it! I spray it when I do yoga at home, so for hospital it should help me get back into that more chilled headspace.
  • Sleep/relaxation blend roller for pulse points – this was a gift for xmas one year and it’s a nice destress little blend 🙂
  • UPDATE post publication: also packing paracetamol & ibuprofen – my due time buddy just gave birth early and recommended I pack these because it can be a few hours wait sometimes if they’re busy before you’re brought pain relief on the post natal ward, so I just shoved some in my bag and I want these for when I’m a bit sore/uncomfy when it’s all over!

What did you pack in yours/what are you currently packing?! I’ve seen people take huge wheelie suitcases but we’re just taking a small weekender bag (given we live like 10 minutes from the hospital, and Boy will be visiting hours restricted due to COVID 😦 he’ll also be able to pick up any extras from home if we need them in between, we just wanted to take the essentials.

Might do a separate post on baby’s bag too as that’s waaaay cuter 🙂 More gorgeous little outfits and less adult nappies haha!

B xoxox

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