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I have devoured as many blogs, books, vlogs and podcasts on these topics as I could possibly find on my TTC journey (I saw my nutritionist as well to discuss!) and some resources I found useful, some I didn’t, some I could relate to and some I totally couldn’t. (Spoiler: my nutritionist was brilliant though!) We knew well in advance that we’d start trying in 2020, & I had a good 6 months prior to that to do my research so yep, super nerdy & organised but there you go!

So here is another post that I’m throwing out there into the depths of the internet that may bore you to tears, or you may wish to ignore, but if it helps just one person or just one finds it vaguely interesting or helpful in their TTC research – that’s the whole point of blogging, right? Making sense of things, I like writing for the sake of it anyway and sending posts up into the internetz where you can discard or read as you like.

So. My TTC journey, tools and tips. PS nothing here is sponsored (obvs I’d have stated if it was!) this is all just what I’ve done and purchased etc. myself!

I’m struggling with this topic slightly as I’m conscious that TTC is a journey for two, and my other half is way more private than me, so I’m trying to be careful not to overshare… but equally I want to write about my experience on the topic, so hopefully I get that line right!

What I did – in prep for TTC

TTC, if you didn’t already know, is ‘trying to conceive’ lingo that you’ll find all over forums etc. Naturally I took steps before we were even trying. These were…

Read, read, read! & research

Omg did I over-read, over-research and over-prepare! I devoured everything I could on trying to conceive, and there were pros and cons to this. First and foremost, knowledge is power, right, so it’s good to know stuff. Also, a woman really should know her cycle (and I honestly can’t believe I haven’t tracked my whole life!) so from a health point of view and knowing and taking care of your own body, I would highly encourage you to download an app (I use Glow and Clue) and track your crimson wave, ladies. Glow is best as if you do later use ovulation tests, the algorithm accounts for these and adjusts accordingly whereas Clue is less sophisticated (but can help you get a loose idea of cycle length & when your fertile window will likely be).

I listened to podcasts not just about the TTC portion though, but about motherhood, all topics baby… I dunno, I studied lit & then law LLM so maybe obsessive research is just in me. Soz!

Track your cycles – before you’re even thinking about TTC

I started tracking I think 4 or 5 months before we were TTC. As I said above, I think we should all track our cycles anyway, but if you’re going to be TTC its helpful if you have several cycles of data so you know the length of your cycle, how often this tends to vary, so that you can better predict ovulation etc.

Improved my diet

I cut out caffeine for a few months, and alcohol (except for my hen and wedding, although I did slip with this over Xmas!) I disguised this on insta as the « Level Up Project » which you’ll see on my highlights if you’re eagle eyed 🙂

I focussed on getting as many fruit and veg portions in and eating a rainbow as much as I could, and, as always, tried to eliminate processed foods as much as possible, plus I started adding berries to my porridge in the mornings for an extra antioxidant boost.

Then I wanted to take it a step further, and…

Visited a nutritionist

I went to see Rhiannon Lambert, my nutritionist (clinic details here) to check in on my diet 4 months before we were going to try, to see if it was optimal for TTC, to discuss any changes I might need to make, to check my supplements, and anything my other half should be doing to his diet too. It was super helpful. I can’t recommend it enough. I ended up needing to up my fibre intake a little more every day, and came away with tips, tricks and recommendations for the two of us. ❤

Reduce stress

This is SO HARD, I know. And then after being period-regular as clockwork for years, just before we were TTC I was late by 11 days!!!! 11! That never happens for me! And it stressed me out even more!

Some of the techniques I used to reduce stress were:

  • A mindset shift. Prioritising self-care more
  • Regular baths with aromatherapy oils
  • Reading amazing books on my commute
  • Walking more, outside, as much as possible
  • Practising deep breathing techniques and pranayama at my desk even in the middle of the day
  • Taking 2 minutes to go to the loo and hide in a cubicle do the yoga pose ‘forward fold’ which is INCREDIBLE
  • Inhaling lavender oil scent at my desk when headachey or stressed
  • Facial massage
  • 10 minutes of meditation per day
  • Reduce ‘hardcore’ workouts (this was so tough for me!) as they can put more stress on the body, and I took up some lighter ones – taking some of the intensity out of my boxing, jogging not sprinting, regular shorter sessions instead of triple Kobox etc.!

What I did – actually TTC!


Obviously, this is a given. To maximize chances there are recommendations that you have sex every other day for the whole month, and more if you want during your fertile window (ideally daily). I guess you have to find what you feel works for you. Various studies suggest slightly different things though but the facts below help you do the math and make your own decisions. I won’t overshare here on what we did because I feel a bit like you stray into the too personal, and also I can’t imagine Boy would thank me for writing about those details on the internet…! I’ll just share some facts below and you can work out what you feel is best for you and your partner.

Some facts to help you decide what you want to do…

  • Each month, there is only roughly about a maximum 20% chance (for a healthy, fertile, normal couple!) that you’ll get pregnant.
  • It can take 12 months for a healthy, fertile, normal couple (under 35) to get pregnant, and this is normal.
  • There are 55 million sperm roughly per ejaculation… and each time, only 15 will make it to where they need to be. Turns out the vagina being acidic, attacking sperm as a foreign body incase it’s a virus, all kinds of things, makes it a pretty tough trip for your guy’s swimmers.
  • There seem to be conflicting studies on whether you should have sex on alternate days to let sperm replenish (I read another study that suggests sperm motility is best 3 hours after a previous ejaculation, so back to back sessions could be good during the fertile window! So basically, it seems there’s not necessarily a clear scientific answer… I personally reckon the best idea here is have as much sex as you fancy!)
  • Many lubes can kill sperm so you need a sperm-friendly one if you want to use it. Try Pre-Seed if you want a definitely safe one 🙂

Continued to track, and ordered OPKs

I hadn’t wanted to use Ovulation Predictor Kits originally, but for various reasons including Boy needing to travel for work, we ordered some anyway. I used the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test, and you can order a pack of 20 on Amazon. I also continued to track using my apps (Clue and Glow – Glow is much more detailed and you can track literally everything including orgasms haha, and it will overlay any temperature charting you do if you log it with the rest of your cycle for greater accuracy!) The app algorithms for both of these predicted the same fertility window for me, and then I had OPKs to try and confirm and make sure things didn’t change or happen early and late so we’d miss it, and started tracking my basal body temperature for extra accuracy/reassurance.

The reason I chose this particular Clearblue OPK despite it being a bit more expensive, is that it works differently from other OPKs – instead of just tracking one hormone, it tracks two – here’s the spiel from the website and personally I’d give it a really positive rating – it worked for us:

Clearblue® Advanced Digital Ovulation Test works differently to other ovulation tests as it is designed to detect 2 hormones, estrogen and LH. When it detects a rise in your level of estrogen it displays High Fertility (flashing smiley face), and will continue to display High Fertility in the following days whilst it looks for your LH surge. When your LH surge is detected, the test displays Peak Fertility (static smiley face).

Clearblue website

Bought cheapie pregnancy tests in bulk ready for the 2 week wait mania!

You can get packs of like 50 on amazon and it’s soooooooo much cheaper than all the pricey digital ones if you know you’re gonna be on edge during the two week wait and need to keep testing, even though you know you should just wait for your period. I used One Step.

Turns out I didn’t need it all as we might have been expecting to try for up to a year as all the science says that’s normal, but in reality it turned out we were super lucky and we got pregnant first time!!!! ❤

Fertility yoga & meditation

Yep, sounds woo and crazy right? I was up for trying anything, and found it helped me relax, so I used the fertility meditations on Glow premium, and did a bit of research on google on fertility friendly yoga! Whether the ‘fertility’ focus makes any difference, who knows, but it’s a good tool for keeping stress levels down, and staying positive.

Hydrate even more than usual

Ok so this is the grossest thing, but you want your CM (cervical mucus! told you it was gross!) to be egg-white consistency (it helps the sperm travel!), which will usually happen around ovulation – but if you’re dehydrated, your body can’t do this. So drink up!

Stayed off caffeine & alcohol (obviously!)

Caffeine increases the likelihood of miscarriages and also it’s just recommended that you cut it right down if you’re trying. Alcohol… obviously, as per the guidelines, it is best not drink at all if you are TTC and/or pregnant, or might be pregnant. It affects both egg and sperm quality so it’s best for your other half to stay off it as well. Sorry chaps! Sperm quality is 50% of the deal after all…! Not to mention it is not good for the embryo if you do have a little one starting to grow in there.

Bought a BBT thermometer

My original plan was not to bother taking my temperature and just use my apps and OPKs, but I just needed to know I was doing everything possible so I bought this one – the Femometer Digital Basal Body Temperature Thermometer. The reason you need a special BBT thermometer is you need it to detect your temp changes with a greater degree of accuracy, and regular thermometers are only accurate to around 2 degrees so you need a BBT one to make sure you don’t miss the changes (this one that I used has a high level of accuracy (to 1/100 Degree) can be used as a basal thermometer for pregnancy, but also as a general thermometer to measure fever – multi purpose!)

The reason you may want to track your temp while TTC is because it helps confirm when you’re going to be ovulating, so can help you time your extra sex 😉 Mid-cycle you’ll notice a rise in your basal body temperature (BBT). I’m no expert but basically, once your temperature rises up for at least 3 days and stays elevated, you’ll know you’ve ovulated. Ps apparently, if it stays up beyond 16 days then you’re probably pregnant!

So there you have it… TMI and a half haha!

So that’s basically everything, I think… anyone else have anything they did/tried/recommend?!

While I did a lot to support my body and fertility, everyone is different and we were so lucky that it happened first time for us – we’d really expected that it would take at least 6 months if not a year (not least in the back of my mind were my old EDs and the fact my mum needed to go on Clomid to conceive me) and I guess there are never any guarantees. But this is just what worked for us, with a little bit of luck thrown in I’m sure, and obviously everyone’s biology is different ❤

B xoxo


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