10 Ways to Boost Body Confidence on Bad Days (without workouts!)

If you’ve seen some of my Instagram posts this week you’ll see I’ve struggled with a few ‘down’ days. It’s totally natural to have off-days, but I’ve really been tough on myself and feeling terrible about my body, which is a shame because I’ve worked really hard over the last couple of years to channel that kind of negativity into positive action – workouts, doing something constructive, and slow self-acceptance.

However, while social media can be a blessing, it’s also a curse because it often shows you all the flat abs, big booties, toned backs that you don’t yet have! So today I wanted to do a post on getting back body confidence and self esteem – without workouts! Yes, workouts and eating clean are critical to a healthy lifestyle and looking the way you want to look, but we shouldn’t obsess to the exclusion of all else! Especially when it’s making us feel bad, not good. When you stop feeling inspired, try some of these tips to put your mind in perspective and stop focusing on this one aspect of your appearance.

1. Go for a green juice or smoothie

This always makes me feel healthier from the inside out, and is great for your skin and/or muscle recovery depending on the ingredients in your selection! Planet Organic is one of my faves!

2. Power lip

Lipstick is one of my favourite things. A power lip LITERALLY changes my mood, every time. I love Burgundy, plum, red, magenta, anything bold, but experiment! See what makes you feel better. One of my all-time favourite (and affordable!) shades is Rimmel 107.
3. Have a blow dry

This always makes me so happy! I feel soooooo much more together when I have a blow dry / blow out, and my hair looks so much better than I ever get it to look. I always swish it and keep checking my reflection in windows and mirrors haha! It’s so silly, but such a lovely easy way to feel good about yourself.
4. Or if you’re feeling more radical… go for a restyle!

Whether it’s a colour change, just highlights or a dramatic chop, a big hair change always makes me feel like a new person.

5. If the hairdresser is a bit expensive… do a hair mask!

There are super cheap options in places like Superdrug, or make your own! Coconut oil is a great way to nourish your hair.
6. Have a bubble bath

Take some time to pamper yourself. While you’re at it, give yourself a facialmanicure and pedicure. Make an hour or so about feeling good about things other than your weight / fat / muscle. Screw the scale – you’ve got pampering to do!

7. Buy shoes

Heels always make me feel good, but whatever shoes you fancy, your shoe size feels SOOOOO much less stressful than your clothing size!
8. Treat yourself

Buy some cute accessories, books, DVDs, something you’ve had your eye on for a while… you deserve it!

9. Watch a feel-good film

Whether that’s a chick flick or superhero movie, Disney or black and white, I’m not judging! Just don’t pick anything sad. The goal is to cheer ourselves up here ❤

10. Listen to this song and know all girls go through this, and you’re not alone! It may not be your cup of tea stylistically, but it’s lyrics are important (below).

Hope some of these help girls! xoxoxo

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