Motivation 101: get it, and keep it!

12987141_552182498289577_8596720344473536431_nMotivation to work out and eat healthy is SO EASY for all of 2 minutes. You see a picture of someone on instagram with flat abs, or your friend drops a load of weight and you’re like WOAH HOW DO I DO THAT, or January and February roll around after an indulgent Christmas and you begin a new year with the best intentions.

Then Netflix calls. Friends ask you to go for a glass of wine. Friday nights glimmer with the possibility of pizza. Stuffed crust not optional. It’s too good to miss.

Or you have a GREAT couple of weeks doing new workouts; you’re excited, you’re determined to make it last this time… but then it’s cold and dark in the morning and you’re SHATTERED. Sleep seems preferable. Colleagues start tucking in to Krispy Kremes right in front of you, you’re starving and forgot your nicely meal-prepped lunch, and to be honest you’re probably too busy anyway to faff with all this prepping healthy fancy meals.

Any of this ring any bells?

Ding-a-bloody-ling, right? And we’re all only human. So here are a few tips for grabbing motivation with both hands and keeping it. And the final tip is the biggest, but it’s a bit of a misnomer! Check them out 🙂 Some may appeal, some may not, so take your pick!

1. Write down your goals. Think about exactly what it is you want to achieve. Keep this on your phone or in a notebook, and write down little changes you can make (it’s all about step-by-step changes) to make it achievable.

2. Get accountable! Whether that’s through creating a fitness instagram or finding a 12799441_10154036120029571_3180138461961573348_nworkout buddy, or paying for a class in advance, do something that creates a real commitment to make it harder to wriggle out of.

3. Create a vision board. This can include aesthetic stuff – healthy delicious looking meals, flat abs etc, but it should also include REASONS why you want to get healthier – examples might be getting stronger, being able to do full push-ups, fitting into a new dress more easily, building self-confidence.

4. PLAN PLAN PLAN! If you plan your meals in advance at weekends, you’re less likely to cave to cravings at weak moments.

5. Modelling… nope, I’m not talking about the catwalk kind (I’d be terrified haha!) Find examples of people in your life who have made changes, or find girls on instagram who you can relate to and model what they’re doing. I find having ‘role-model’ people so helpful because when I’m feeling lazy, I just think what would so-and-so do?

6. Visualisation. When you’re reluctant to do that workout, visualise how AMAZING you’ve felt after previous workouts. Try to mentally recreate the high. Squueze a fist. Try to train yourself to associate this movement with feeling great, and create that link in your mind. Google CBT for more stuff like this. It doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I’ve started to experiment lately.

7. Find a motivating pre-sweat track. Play it LOUD, on repeat. GET AMPED UP. I’ve used various songs as my ‘get hyped up to workout’ anthems in the past – from Wings, Black Skinhead, and Formation to Do It Now… whatever you’re feeling at the time. I change mine every few months!

8. Mix up your workout routine. Boredom is a major motivation-vampire!

9. Find workouts you enjoy. What I mean here, is if you hate running… don’t do it! Find something you like more, be it dance and circuit training, boxing and swimming, yoga and CrossFit… there are so many options out there, and the second you start dreading your regime is the second your progress is ready to take a nose dive, if it hasn’t already.

10. Treat it as compulsory. Fitness is about health, pure and simple. Abs and a booty are a fab side effect, but nobody cleans their teeth for kicks! Exercise should be automatic, like cleaning our teeth. It’s so important for our bones, muscles, heart, and even mental health. PLUS it releases endorphins, unlike cleaning those teeth 😉

11. Stick motivational quotes and pictures or your vision board on your fridge. This isn’t to guilt you, girls. This is so that you always make choices with your goals in mind. Sometimes, you should STILL REACH FOR THE CHOCOLATE CAKE. But having your goals right in front of you reminds you do make those choices MINDFULLY.

12. DON’T RELY ON MOTIVATION. FORM HABITS! This is the biggest and best tip of all. Everything above should help you get revved up to get fit and healthy, but at the end of the day, we’re not happy cheerleading robots! Sometimes we have down days, lazy days, sad days, and that’s ok! But on those days, you still get dressed, you still clean your teeth right? Fitness should be like that – a habit. Once it’s a habit, you don’t have to rely so heavily on motivation.

Motivation is great to get you started. But habit is what really keeps you going!


Any other tips and tricks?! I’d love to hear them!


B xoxoxo

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