Coconut oil life hack – instant teeth whitening!

coconut.jpgcoconuts-with-leavesCoconut oil is amazing – I love using it as lib balm, shaving cream, body lotion, hair mask, for cooking… And today I discovered another life hack!

I was skeptical when I saw this on instagram and wish I’d taken before and after pictures.

I’ve always really struggled with yellow-y teeth despite being a non smoker because I am a tea and a coffee drinker, and to top that, I don’t have milk – I always drink them black.

For years I’ve been meaning to save up and go and get them whitened professionally as k2-_fa36bb73-3e87-4d20-a520-0778f017b222.v1you hear horror stories about the chemicals etc. in DIY kits – it’s important to use a professional dentist.

But then I saw a natural tip on instagram and had a spare 5 minutes, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It seems to have worked!

Mix some coconut oil with turmeric. It will look crazy yellow!

Brush it on to your teeth, give them a good scrub.

maxresdefaultLeave for 5 minutes and swill any oil around your mouth, this is no time for swallowing!

When time’s up, spit, rinse your mouth a few times, clean your teeth as normal with toothpaste and voila! Instantly whiter.

It worked for me! I’m going to try it daily for the next 7 days and see if I can give them a real lift. I’ll let you know how it goes.

These aren’t my teeth by the way. But maybe one day 😉


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