My first ever BBG meet up


One of my new year’s resolutions was to go to my first ever BBG meet up, and oh my gosh was it INCREDIBLE. (if you don’t know what BBG is, scroll down!) If you follow me on insta, you may have seen the video.

There’s no way to say this without it sounding cheesy, but it’s true. It is such an inspiring and motivating group of women, and we had an awesome sweat session followed by a green juice in Planet Organic (my absolute MECCA!)

Huge thanks to the wonderful brands who contributed to goody bags for us – it was lovely to have so many delicious treats ready for after our workout! Alibi, Bounce, Moma, The Primal Pantry and Aduna all donated these awesome products… I ADORED my bounce apple and cinnamon ball, and The Primal Pantry Paleo bar was so delicious. As in, ten times better than chocolate, no lie. I highly recommend you try some!


What is BBG?

If you don’t know what BBG is… check out the hashtag or Kayla’s profile on instagram, and also this website. Kayla Itsines is a trainer based in Australia, who created the bikini body guide to help women get healthier and feel confident in a bikini (it is NOT about being a certain size!) It is great for weightloss and building muscle, but also just for meeting motivated, hardworking and likeminded girls! There are bankers, lawyers, fitness professionals, students, full time moms, the works… all united by their love of fitness.

I highly recommend her app, Sweat With Kayla, available on the app store – it’s only about $4AUD a month, but the meet ups are just the best thing ever. If you’re London, UK based and want in on the action, check out this Facebook group ‘BBG Girls London’. Don’t worry though, a quick instagram or Facebook search and you’ll find meet ups in your area wherever you are in the world!

Even though I teach fitness, I love following programmes like BBG and Tone it Up to mix up my training and be part of a global fitness community.

Monkeyin’ Around

After the meet up, my boyfriend decided to use me as a dumbbell hahaha!


But it was fine, because then as a compromise I said he could lift me if he also helped me stretch!


Hope you all had great weekends and are ready to smash your fitness goals this week!

@briellesweatsparkle ❤ xoxox

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