What I eat in a day

12832325_10154039482294571_11428457637709826_nIt’s always interesting to see if trainers practice what they preach, and if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I do keep a food diary to keep myself accountable. I’m starting to condense this into a single shot at the end of each day to save time, so I’ll check in here with sample food diaries every now and again so you can see what my personal plan looks like every now and then! Feel free to monitor me more closely on instagram too (I’m @legallygymliving), it’s always great to have more accountability buddies ; )

Above: 1) breakfast – dairy free hot cacao oatcakes & cinnamon grilled pear, 2) lunch – cod, brown rice, spinach (I pour it out of my tupperware into plates in our office cafe to make it seem nicer – psychologically it helps me be more satisfied with my healthy option if someone else is chowing down pizza!) 3) snack – bakewell nakd bar (100% natural, fruit & nuts), 4) dinner – vegetable omelette, spinach & crudités. Fresh orange & grapefruit juice as a treat on the side

Prep routine

I prep my dinner and lunch for the next day at the same time, and sometimes they’re the same thing for ease, or sometimes a variation with similar ingredients… you’ll see an example below. Cooking and prep takes me about 20 minutes max.

Breakfast, I make first thing in the morning. I used to be a roll out of bed and skip it person, but these days I opt to do my workout in the evenings, and get up with an hour to play with in the morning. Half an hour of that can be showering, makeup etc, and half cooking / breakfast prep, and washing up.

Here’s a lunch I was able to make at the same time as my vegetable omelette – I just beat the second egg, added in the other half of the spring onion I’d chopped, poured it into the other half of the pepper I’d used for crudités, and baked it while I prepped raw carrot for tonight and a quick salad for tomorrow. Simples!

Forming the habit

It took me a while to form this habit as I work full time, and have lectures some evenings, so I don’t get home til about 9 o clock. This led me to be lazy with cooking for a while. Then I gave myself a bit of a kick and realised eating well and healthily, as well as making me feel better, could be just as quick if I got my skates on and got creative. After all, a frozen pizza takes about 20 minutes in the oven.

Top tips

Make a decision to just go for it. Once you commit to making a change, you’re halfway there. Use instagram checkins with your favourite fitness communities to keep you accountable.

Make your meal plans in advance for the week. When lunch time rolls around it means you reach for what you’d planned automatically, and you don’t have the Pret sandwich or burger with your colleagues or fish’n’chip Friday dilemma! If you need help finding nourishing, healthy options that still taste great, there are loads of recipes on this site under the ‘nourish’ tab, or follow me on insta, check out Rhiannon Lambert’s book, and bloggers I love include Food Fitness Flora who does great recipes!

Good luck!


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